Our educational programs focus on the dangers to wildlife, prevention, how you can help, and what to do if you encounter an animal in distress.


"Bow" Male American kestrel. He was raised by someone who was not a trained rehabilitator, and became too tame (imprinted) to be released.

"Chetambe" - Red-tailed hawk. Visiting Niagara Falls, NY. He was hit by a car and had a fracture of the right wing at the elbow joint. He was rescued as an adult in 1996 in Lewiston, NY.

"Boo" - Blue Jay. Disabled due to deformed feet. He was rescued in 2006 as a nestling. He is unable to perch on smaller branches, because he cannot open his feet to grip a perch.

"Cloud" - Eastern screech owl, gray phase. Has a cataract in his right eye.

"Whiski" - Found in 2016 in the road. The woman who rescued him was on her way to work, and put him in the back seat of her car. He was very thin and stunded. He had a fractured wing near the elbow joint, and is unable to be released because he would not be able to fly well enough to hunt.



Presentations - for schools, seniors, churches, clubs, scouts and other organizations or clubs.

Displays - Day long...for events, schools, businesses that support our cause.


Including: a display that represents our organizations goals, informational handouts with phone numbers, and photos.


ALL Programs include: Live animals.



We support our patients with dontations, and our own money. We need your help to pay for veterinary care, medications, medical equipment, bandages, formulas, foods, vitamins, equipment, caging, fencing, building materials, cleaning products... and more. (I've seen my share of dumpster diving)


Anyone interested in donating anything, can contact us at the numbers under "CONTACTS."

For more information contact:
Jackie 716-625-8189

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