Flight Cage Repair

Thank you so much to Jim, from Wild Kritters of Niagara County, and his buddy Rob for repairing an older flight cage, that I have been unable to use for several years. They worked so hard and did such a wonderful job.

AWARE and Wild Kritters work together for the same goal of "caring for wildlife and teaching others to care".

All wildlife rehabilitators and rehabilitation organizations are hurting financially this year, so please donate to your local wildlife rehabilitator. We are volunteers that commit a lot of time and energy to care for wild animals. And also consider volunteering.

If a bird has an injury that involves the alignment of the bill, it usually will grow unevenly, because the normal wearing on the beak is also how it maintains the shape.

“Cola” is an American kestrel, who was injured at the Niagara Air Base. Her bill was damaged, and is slightly misaligned, so we need to trim her beak several times a year (she loves that). She is non-releasable, as she would starve in the wild. She has been with us since 2006, and was an adult when rescued.

Flight Cage Repair

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